My Other Boyfriend

Do you read I Am Bossy? If not, you should because the woman is a fucking riot.

This, however, is just not on. He’s been mine for lo, these many years.

He was on Inside The Actor’s Studio tonight. I TiFauxed it and will watch it one of these nights when TCBIM is out.


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  1. Ms Picket To You
    Dec 04, 2007 @ 01:41:00

    Someday, we’ll meet, wandering around Target with crying kids, humming this tune.I will know you by the tune you hum.


  2. Ms Picket To You
    Dec 04, 2007 @ 01:44:00

    PS: YOU are a fucking riot.


  3. Shannon
    Dec 04, 2007 @ 07:42:00

    I loved John ever since he played excellent nerdness in “16 Candles”.


  4. Rachel...
    Dec 04, 2007 @ 08:50:00

    I have an advantage over you.It is called the Chicago Cubs.You know it.


  5. floreksa
    Dec 04, 2007 @ 09:59:00

    Love, Love, love! i am bossy (oh ya and John *drool*)


  6. Josie
    Dec 04, 2007 @ 10:11:00

    John Cusack is the thinking woman’s Brad Pitt. Love John 🙂


  7. themommykelly
    Dec 04, 2007 @ 10:13:00

    That is friggin hysterical! Thanks for the laugh. I’m heading on over to Bossy’s place now. She’s a riot!


  8. The Hotfessional
    Dec 04, 2007 @ 12:12:00

    Ooooh, cat fight. MB vs. Bossy. Will there be jello involved? Or just mud?Can I watch? Can I participate?


  9. lattemommy
    Dec 04, 2007 @ 12:30:00

    Sorry, Bedhead. Sorry, Bossy. You’ve both got it wrong. John and I have had it going on for a long time now…I live in Vancouver, aka Hollywood North. My husband is deathly afraid that someday John Cusack will come to town to film and I’ll run away with him. Seriously.


  10. elizasmom
    Dec 04, 2007 @ 13:48:00

    Yeah, you should get him. Doesn’t she already have Barack O’Boyfriend? Kinda greedy, isn’t she?


  11. Kerri.
    Dec 04, 2007 @ 15:18:00

    I’m riddled with grief. I thought he was mine. 😦 Oh, how he’s played me for a fool.


  12. Mrs. Chicky
    Dec 04, 2007 @ 19:04:00

    Wait a minute. He can’t be your man if he’s already mine and I DON’T share.


  13. Stomper Girl
    Dec 05, 2007 @ 07:49:00

    That vid was great. I love that song. You’re all deluded though. John will be mine, as soon as I’m finished with George Clooney.


  14. Mama Zen
    Dec 05, 2007 @ 09:24:00

    THAT was a riot!


  15. Major Bedhead
    Dec 05, 2007 @ 10:33:00

    You’re all delusional. He’s mine, he’s always been mine and he will always be mine. Restraining orders be damned….


  16. SUEB0B
    Dec 06, 2007 @ 10:23:00

    DOUBT IT! He love ME. He does, he does. In fact, he’s standing outside holding a boom box over his head RIGHT NOW so nyah.


  17. kittenpie
    Dec 06, 2007 @ 19:36:00

    Oh, Misterpie knows about my boyfriend… Who was also on actor’s studio recently. Yummy.


  18. Major Bedhead
    Dec 06, 2007 @ 22:36:00

    SueBob – that’s just the movie poster, you taped it to your window. Jeez, woman….


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