Highest reading so far. Four hours post-prandial. Fanfuckingtastic.


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  1. daysgoby
    Aug 25, 2007 @ 20:04:00

    Crappity Crappity Crappitty Crap.I’m so sorry, J. I’m thinking about you and Boo tonight.


  2. Sharon
    Aug 25, 2007 @ 20:40:00

    Aw, fuck.


  3. Christine-Megan
    Aug 25, 2007 @ 20:46:00

    Crap. Did ya call the endo?


  4. Paige
    Aug 25, 2007 @ 21:32:00

    oh, julia. I’m thinking about you.


  5. Nicole P
    Aug 25, 2007 @ 22:16:00

    Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. In the words of ArtSweet. Fuck.Julia, I’m thinking of you guys.


  6. George
    Aug 26, 2007 @ 01:28:00

    Damn it.I am just so fucking…ugh…DAMN IT!!!!!!!I’m so very sorry Julia.


  7. bethany
    Aug 26, 2007 @ 04:08:00

    ❤ thinking about you guys …


  8. Christina
    Aug 26, 2007 @ 08:03:00

    Oh damn. I’m so sorry. I’d imagine you’re calling the endo first thing Monday, right?


  9. Anonymous
    Aug 26, 2007 @ 08:26:00

    I too am so sorry Julia, this news is gut wrenching. Life is indeed effing unfair.Ellen p.s. CyberHugs to Olivia too who may also be struggling with some confused feelings about this as well.


  10. Shannon
    Aug 26, 2007 @ 09:08:00

    Oh shiiit. Get her to an endo. Screw what the pediatrician says.


  11. mrs incredible
    Aug 26, 2007 @ 10:31:00

    Your pediatrician needs to be called at HOME and then promptly fired.We fired our pediatrician this year, when she diagnosed my daughter with hypochondria and she ended up having MONO.I shit you not.


  12. Velma
    Aug 26, 2007 @ 10:35:00

    Total suckage. I’m sorry, really.


  13. LauraJ
    Aug 26, 2007 @ 12:21:00



  14. Kelly
    Aug 26, 2007 @ 15:29:00

    Oh man. So sorry for this worry and the reality of chronic illness. It’s one thing for us to deal with it, another altogether for our children. Wishing you guys some answers, and some peace.


  15. Angewl
    Aug 26, 2007 @ 15:35:00

    DAMN!!!!!! Son of a bitch!I am so sorry this is happening. How is everyone handling this? (TCBYM and O?) I know your heart must be breaking right now, scared of what this may mean for her and what she may have to go through. I am so sorry nothing is ever just EASY and plain old boring for you. You are a terrific mother. {{{hugs}}}


  16. floreksa
    Aug 26, 2007 @ 20:12:00

    Oh, fuck, Julia. I’m sick to my stomach here for you.If you need test strips, anything, let me know.


  17. Sara
    Aug 26, 2007 @ 20:59:00

    There are no words for how much that sucks!Possible upside is that you already know that all of us will be here for you?!UGH!!!!


  18. Kendra
    Aug 27, 2007 @ 13:03:00

    I know I’m a total nutbar but I’m still hoping this is some complete and utter fluke. :/


  19. Jamie
    Aug 28, 2007 @ 10:24:00

    I’m sorry I’m so slow at responding to this (I’ve been behind on my blog reading) so I was pretty shocked to read about the Boo’s blood sugars.I’m so sorry that this is happening 😦 Hang in there, stay strong and you’re a pro at this – YOU know what to do and YOU are the expert at this disease Julia. FUCK the doctor – get her to an endo. YOU know what these numbers mean …. YOU have been there before. We’re all here for you. Keep us updated on how it’s going (I see she’s having some good numbers lately) and you’ll do great.Big hugs coming your way Julia.


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