I Am (not) Canadian

But my husband is….

Happy Canada Day!

the thank you is priceless….


8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. MsPrufrock
    Jul 02, 2007 @ 02:46:00

    Ha. Funny.You know, I had no idea Canadians said “zed” until I was in Toronto about 5 years ago. Yet another thing left over from British rule I suppose!


  2. Shannon
    Jul 02, 2007 @ 10:48:00

    My world’s been turned upside down.


  3. Kate
    Jul 02, 2007 @ 14:27:00

    These commercials are pretty good! Thanks for posting this one and for bringing up Canada day!


  4. daysgoby
    Jul 02, 2007 @ 19:17:00

    Hee! I LOVE those ads!Cass sings the alphabet right through to ‘zed’ – it throws the rhyme of it right out the window, but they all say it here….Happy Canada Day!


  5. moosh in indy.
    Jul 02, 2007 @ 20:52:00

    Almost makes me want to be Canadian. Well, that and Wunderbars.


  6. Josie
    Jul 03, 2007 @ 23:23:00

    What about Timmy’s?? That doesn’t make you a convert?By the way, thanks for posting my fav ad for Canada.


  7. Jenn
    Jul 04, 2007 @ 08:30:00

    Love that ad! Thanks for posting it!


  8. kittenpie
    Jul 09, 2007 @ 19:55:00

    Oh, how we all quoted this endlessly… I didn’t know you married one of us canucks! Fine job on displaying your good taste, woman. ;^)


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