I spend too much time online. I was going thru my blog roll today and realized that I rarely, if ever, catch up with everyone’s posts (no shit, Julia, this is what happens when you keep adding people to your blog roll). That I’m going to have to cut back somewhere. The diabetes blogs have to stay – I need them – but I have to pare back the fun blogs and that makes me a little sad.

But I can’t keep staying up until midnight, cramming in one more blog, clicking on one more link, adding one more hysterical/touching/thought-provoking blog to my blog roll. This sucks. I don’t like unsubscribing from a blog. It makes me feel like I did when I was little and my mother would only let me sleep with one stuffed animal. I felt so guilty about the others, the ones that had to spend the night on the window seat, that I finally set up a rota. I couldn’t stand to see the guilt coming from those little button eyes.

Now I’m going to feel that same guilt when I start pruning back. I have to be ruthless, though. I need to spend more time outside, enjoying the summer, playing with the kids, having fun. I’ll still read some, but this obsessive, gotta-read-every-post thing is going to end. It’s sucking away what little creativity I have, too, (shut up, I do not have Mommy brai…what were we talking about?) and since I’m ostensibly a writer, that’s not a good thing.

So, if you pay attention to other people’s blog rolls and you notice you’ve disappeared from mine, I apologize. I’ll find you again – in fact, I may just set up a separate folder (how anal) – when I have more time, when the New England winters have me shivering inside instead of out there skiing/snowboarding/skating with all the crazies. TCBIM can take the girls outside to enjoy that shit. I’ll be inside, catching up on everything I missed.

Could everyone just have a nice, uneventful summer so I don’t miss anything? I mean, it is all about me, after all, right? Right?? Shit, this means my mother was right. Again. I hate it when that happens.