It’s a miracle!

And behold, a light shone down from above.

The hand of God was seen.

And lo, the trash was emptied.

TCBIM waltzed into the bathroom, picked up the trash can (which is a lovely, white, step-on can, not that one above, by the way) and emptied it. He was muttering “Honestly, who lets the trash get like this?” as he did it and I had all I could do to not say “YOU GUYS DO!!” But I restrained myself and just said thank you very much.


16 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Shannon
    Nov 28, 2006 @ 08:03:00

    I’m flabbergasted….He was probably thinking the same thing you were all along. But he broke first and that’s all that counts!


  2. Rachel
    Nov 28, 2006 @ 08:22:00



  3. julia
    Nov 28, 2006 @ 08:26:00

    I feel like I just won a prize. 😀


  4. LauraJ
    Nov 28, 2006 @ 09:51:00

    I’m grinning from ear to freaking ear! Good job!! Next experiment?


  5. Oh, The Joys
    Nov 28, 2006 @ 09:53:00

    I can totally hear the angels singing! Way to hang in there!


  6. Jamie
    Nov 28, 2006 @ 11:36:00

    Good on ya, mate! I’m glad you stuck to your guns – AND I’m glad he did it!


  7. graymama
    Nov 28, 2006 @ 18:33:00

    Hooray it worked!I am reminded of the Simpsons episode when they just let the garbage go. When it is finally cleaned up they step in garbage water, ewwww 😛


  8. art-sweet
    Nov 28, 2006 @ 18:36:00

    So are you going to start going to church now that you have living proof that miracles actually do happen? (you know that’s a joke, coming from me)


  9. MileMasterSarah
    Nov 28, 2006 @ 20:22:00

    that’s hilarious! I can’t believe he actually did it! I am almost jealous…..


  10. kilowatthour
    Nov 28, 2006 @ 21:45:00

    so awesome.


  11. SUEB0B
    Nov 28, 2006 @ 23:16:00

    You freaking rock.


  12. EC
    Nov 29, 2006 @ 00:56:00

    That is so very cool – and I loved the post to go with it, lol.


  13. Scott K. Johnson
    Nov 29, 2006 @ 01:34:00

    LOL!!Great post, and great pics!!


  14. Joke
    Nov 29, 2006 @ 08:19:00

    Glimmers of hope!-J.


  15. Sharon
    Nov 29, 2006 @ 09:45:00

    Think that would work on laundry?


  16. type1emt
    Nov 29, 2006 @ 20:46:00

    wow…Majorly impressive- you’re Superwoman!(3 kids and a husband,ya gotta be, I guess)


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