Done. Whew. Thank goodness NaBloPoMo is over. It was starting to get tough to think up topics.

Of course, I have a good one now, but I’m going to let it stew for a bit.

Joke, I got the movie today. Thank you so much! Very, very cool. I love that movie. If you haven’t seen it yet, go rent it.

If you hadn’t nailed it to the perch….

So look. I feel like I’ve been doing an extraordinary amount of whinging and whining around here lately. I’m not writing anything today – I’ll just leave you with this, possibly one of the funniest sketches. Ever.

It’s a miracle!

And behold, a light shone down from above.

The hand of God was seen.

And lo, the trash was emptied.

TCBIM waltzed into the bathroom, picked up the trash can (which is a lovely, white, step-on can, not that one above, by the way) and emptied it. He was muttering “Honestly, who lets the trash get like this?” as he did it and I had all I could do to not say “YOU GUYS DO!!” But I restrained myself and just said thank you very much.


My mother will be here tomorrow (technically, today). This means the Great Bathroom Trash Experiment will have to be abandoned if it doesn’t get emptied by 3 p.m. Tuesday. Sucks. But never fear, I will resume said experiment after she goes home on Wednesday. This time, with photographs, maybe even arrows and diagrams, too. Aren’t you just thrilled at the prospect of viewing the extent of my family’s nastiness? I can tell you are.

I have more stuff to post about but it’s late, I’m tired and Keith Olberman is on. Mmmm, Keith….I luuuuuuurve him.

Oh. Shit.

Do you remember that movie The Money Pit, with Tom Hanks and Shelly whotsit from Cheers? Not a very good movie, really, but it’s come to haunt me these last few days.

When we bought this house, we knew it had a few problems. It needed a new boiler and the cellar was damp. However, we have a whole other set of problems now. I noticed these damp patches over the slider a few weeks ago. I thought maybe it was because the gutters hadn’t been cleaned out, so TCBIM went out and pulled all the leaves out and I dried the damp spots. Since then, the spots have become worse and worse and worse. And they’re spreading. There are damp spots over the front bay window, some in our bedroom and some in the bathroom.

These are the spots over the living room slider and are by far, the worst of them.

However, this morning, I pulled Boo’s toy bin out from the living room wall and noticed a big mildewy patch there, too. I sprayed it with Lysol and as I was cleaning it up, rested my hand on the wall. The wall was wet. Not damp, wet. The wet went about a foot up the wall and covered about an 8″ area.

This sent me on a mission, of course. I have now found mildewy, damp spots on the walls in my bedroom and in Boo’s bedroom. I’m freaking out. Why are the walls wet? It hasn’t rained in days and days. And even if it had been raining, why are the WALLS wet???

I have a horrible feeling that I’m going to be walking away from this house very soon. This seems like a huge problem, an expensive problem. A problem not worth fixing, to be honest.

So, yeah. Commence full-blown freak out. Now.

An experiment, of sorts

I’m currently conducting an experiment here at Casa Bedhead. I’m trying to see just how full the bathroom trashcan can get before someone besides me empties it. The lid is no longer able to close. There are tissues and Q-tips (ewwwwww) about to fall out the side. I’d take a picture, but it’s pretty embarassing.

Has anyone tried FlyLady? I signed up and her little task email things are helpful, but some of the testimonial stuff is making me roll my eyes a lot.


Happy Birthday, Boo! My blue-eyed, blonde-headed baby girl. She can drive me to tears and have me shrieking with laughter all within 20 seconds. She runs full-tilt thru her life, bestowing kisses and scowls with equal abandon. She makes my heart smile.


So, I was dreading this shopping expedition this morning. I even had this weird dream just before waking where I was being pursued by this guy:

which sucked.

It was with much trepidation that TCBIM and I drove over to Target and Best Buy. The news this morning had reporters at the mall, showing the lines. I, however, was not going to that mall. I was going to the nearly-dead mall. And it was brilliant! I got a parking spot IN THE FRONT ROW. I went in to Best Buy and got the camera I wanted for O, for $50 – for a digital camera! I was in and out in 15 minutes. Then over to Target, where I got her a pair of pyjamas, Yahtzee, Clue, Rook and a couple of shirts. She’s done. DONE! I just have to get her a couple of stocking stuffers.

I also got Alex a sweatshirt and a couple of t-shirts. He asked for the newest Roller Coaster Tycoon, so that’s his big present. I have to go to Circuit City for that, since I have a gift card from there. I’m not going near that place this weekend, though. It’s insane there, by all accounts.

I can’t believe that I’m almost done! I have to get Boo something – probably a baby doll, some pyjamas and stuff like socks and tights. And The Bug will just get a stocking with binkies (god, where do those things GO? Is there a binky theif like there’s a sock theif?) and maybe a rattle or something like that.

I have no idea what to get TCBIM. He wants poker chips. Um…maybe not.

I survived

I missed the Macy’s Day Parade, boo hiss, but the praline sweet potatoes were out of this world. My mother’s head didn’t explode and nothing got broken. One majorly stressful holiday down, one to go.

I am going to be at Tarjay Booteek tomorrow morning, bright and early, with all the other lunatics. They have some deals that I can’t pass up. Wish me luck. I hate crowds – they send me into screaming mimi heebie jeebies – and I don’t function well before 10 a.m.. This ought to be a lot of fun.

wotthehell, wotthehell

hey boss.

i had a post typed up and then this goddamned mac crashed, like the piece of shit that it is.

let’s see if i can summarise.

i missed a therapy appointment today, boss. she can see me at three today, but it means i get charged two co-pays.

which means that i can’t fill my prescription for the crazy pills that the nice doctor gave me until next week. i might be a little nutty until then, boss.

i sent two checks to the mortgage company when i was only supposed to send one. when i called to ask if they could hold the second one, they laughed. money’s going to be tight on black friday, boss.

and, boss, the battery cap on o’s pump is wrecked. i think she’s been tightening it too much when she replaces the battery, because the plastic is all chewed up. they’re sending a new one, but of course, it’s thanksgiving weekend, so it may get here friday and it may not. thankfully i have levemir for her, but it’s going to require mental gymnastics to do the carb calculations. good thing i found my calculator. my mind isn’t capable of that thought process right now, boss. i’m a little fried.

boo is still the green booger machine. she’s got a bad case of the crankies, too. it’s a real joy around these parts, boss. tomorrow out to be a real laugh riot.

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